Front End Web Development


SEO Focussed Websites

On today’s Web, beauty is far from only skin deep, it goes deeper than that. As far as Search Engines are concerned, beauty lies in the code.

Although Conversion is essential, before a site can convert, it needs to be found.

I create bespoke, hand coded websites using html and css, geared from conception for search engines as well as humans.

Control Freak

Call me a control freak...

Call me a control freak but I love the absolute control hand coding gives to ensure each page, maximises each opportunity, to provide the search engines the necessary signposts to accurately interpret page content.

The end-result? Delivering relevant and targeted traffic to my clients’ sites.


Custom Built

I fit custom-made user-friendly, SEO uber-friendly, Content Management Systems using Perch.

Although not a PHP Developer, I understand enough basic PHP to custom build templates to adapt retrospectively to html websites.

My Web Development Process

I see web-development as more than simply building a website, it should be a holistic process based on solid marketing foundations starting with a clear brand positioning statement.

  • Milestone 1

    Brand Positioning Foundation

    Brand positioning influences the website style, design, character, voice and key messages. It's the foundation of all marketing efforts. We start by exploring your brand identity to:

    • Identify the Target Market and Website Audience
    • Your Focus, Differentiation and Value Proposition
    • Your Brand Archetype, Personality, Voice and Message

    The outcome is a Brand Positioning Statement which will steer all marketing decisions for the project. I'm also happy to be steared by existing brand statements and guidelines.

  • Milestone 2

    Keyword Research

    Understanding how people search for your products and services through keyword research, combined with your organisation’s internal knowledge of search terms, should drive site structure decisions. This ensures the website is built from the outset with a strong SEO foundation.

  • Milestone 3

    Website Taxonomy

    The Site Taxonomy helps to visualise the structure of the site, and plan any child parent relationships. It also enables us to plan keyword targeting, helping to avoid keyword cannibalisation, by allocating keyword terms to individual pages.

  • Milestone 4

    Website Copy

    As an SEO trained copywriter, I provide website copy optimised for robots and human beings. I’m also more than happy to work with a marketing department or business owner who can produce copy in-house.

  • Milestone 5

    Site Design

    With the site taxonomy and copywriting done, the next step is to plan how to display the information to communicate the key messages and encourage the appropriate actions. I produce wireframed page designs for all levels of the site taxonomy.

    I produce photography and video content, including product photography, or can source images for a range of budgets.

  • Milestone 6

    Site Build

    I build fully responsive html websites without using heavy or slow development platforms such as Wordpress. I also provide retrospectively built, SEO friendly, page load speed uber-friendly, CMS systems.

  • Milestone 7

    Site Launch

Responsive Design

Responsive as Standard

New sites are future proofed with mobile considerations at the forefront of the design process.

Optimised for Mobile Search

40% of Search on Mobile? No problem. I can retrospectively convert fixed-width sites to responsive, to enable my clients to maximise mobile search opportunities.

Inclusive Copy for Robots and Humans

It's not just about writing copy that converts, the copy must attract in the first place. I write web copy that's focussed on search engine robots and human beings.

Short concise sentences, targeting keywords and their variations, while balancing keyword density with readability, to ensure calls to action entice people to action.

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Web Development Portfolio

A selection of my most recent work.