Video Marketing

Break through the noise with Video Content.

  • I film with Sony and Canon DSLR's, GoPro Hero, Contour Roam and iPhone.
  • I have experience filming interviews, promotional videos, action videos and travel montages.
  • I have a range of equipment including lights, stabilisers, movement and audio.
Audio and Post
  • I've learnt the hard way that sound is as important as image. I enjoy sound design and use sound to help steer the editing process.
  • I record sound using in-camera microphones backed up by external sound recorders.
  • I edit with Final Cut Pro using Adobe After Effects to create basic motion graphics.
Platform Management
  • YouTube and Vimeo channel management and optimisation for SEO and and brand representation.
  • YouTube SEO including keyword rich meta-data and thumbnail optimisation.

Other Content Skills