Pay Per Click Advertising

I have experience setting up and managing paid search campaigns on Amazon, Google Adwords and Facebook.

PPC and SEO Symbiosis

I embrace both SEO and PPC as complimentary channels, can implement and integrate them into a holistic search marketing strategy, while seeing the bigger picture placing them within an overall online marketing plan.

My Google Advertising Results...

My Amazon Advertising Results...

Why I love Paid Search

  • 01 Measure...

    Like many business managers, I love PPC’s measurability, flexibility and instant impact.

  • 02 Challenge...

    I enjoy the challenge of writing compelling Ad copy, enticing people to action with severely restricted character limits.

  • 03 Test...

    I approach split testing as fundamental to any PPC campaign. Writing concise Ad copy which balances keywords, features, benefits and CTA’s, to progressively increase CTR, decrease CPC and increase ROI.



Instant Results

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Google Ads


The Client: Southern Ambulance Services

Timeframe: April - July 2016

The Task: Google Ads campaigns to advertise various region wide employment opportunities for a specialist medical services business.

Google ads proved 4 times more cost effective than any other advertising channel and was used exclusively to fulfill all recruitment needs across four counties.

Key Performance Metrics

  • Over 4 Campaigns
  • Comprising 26 Ad Groups
  • Totalling 41 Ads






Average CTR


Average CPC

Amazon Advertising

The Amazon Flywheel

I love Amazon PPC and recognise that a successful advertising strategy is essential to success on the platform by boosting organic ranking, indexing and therefore sales. As with Google, there is an equally symbiotic relationship between Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC, since the success of paid search efforts are largely influenced by listing, image and branding quality.

My extensive background in SEO ensures a holistic approach to Amazon marketing, with PPC at the core of any successful strategy.

My Amazon Advertising Results...

  • 01 Data-Led Decisions...

    Using data, I build multi-tiered sales funnels with research campaigns at the top and conversion campaigns at the bottom, to maximise control over ad spend and control ACoS.

  • 02 Continual Optimisation...

    Like a good bottle of wine, my Amazon ad campaigns improve over time as data is used to fine-tune the sales funnels' performance and improve ROI.

  • 03 Bespoke Reporting...

    I produce bespoke reporting to track and measure key performance metrics over time ensuring absolute transparency.

Amazon Advertising Certification

Amazon Sponsored Products Campaigns


Client 1

Task: to gain control of spiralling advertising spend, increase market share while maintaining target ACoS.

Key Performance Metrics

  • Q1 2022
  • Over 4 Products with multiple product variations
  • Comprising 29 Campaigns


Increase in Sales vs Q1 2021




Average CTR


Average RPC