Pay Per Click Advertising

I have experience setting up and managing paid search campaigns in Google Adwords and Facebook.

PPC and SEO Symbiosis

Rather than viewing SEO and PPC in competition, I value their mutually beneficial relationship, appreciating the symbiosis that exists between both channels.

I embrace both SEO and PPC as complimentary channels, can implement and integrate them into a holistic search marketing strategy, while seeing the bigger picture placing them within an overall online marketing plan.

My Results...

Why I love Paid Search

  • 01 Measure...

    Like many business managers, I love PPC’s measurability, flexibility and instant impact.

  • 02 Challenge...

    I enjoy the challenge of writing compelling Ad copy, enticing people to action with severely restricted character limits.

  • 03 Test...

    I approach split testing as fundamental to any PPC campaign. Writing concise Ad copy which balances keywords, features, benefits and CTA’s, to progressively increase CTR, decrease CPC and increase ROI.

Source - Adgooroo Survey

The Art of SEO

A prominent paid Ad on the same search engine results page, makes a no.1 organic listing receive 20% more clicks



Instant Results

PPC stats on an iMac image of
Source - iCrossing

Search Synergy Report - March 2007

Running an integrated natural and paid search campaign leads to improved online performance over running either a natural search or paid search campaign alone.

Paid Search Case Study - Google Adwords

The Brief

Google AdWords campaign to advertise various region wide employment opportunities for a specialist medical services business.


Create various location specific Ad campaigns targeting very specialised skill sets. This required:

  • Accurate and specific keyword targeting.
  • Accurate location targeting.
  • Negative keyword filtering.
  • Ad copy specifically targeting niche skill sets to filter traffic.
  • Two Ads split-tested per Adgroup, reviewed monthly for 6 months.
  • Peal and Stick Strategies were used over time to target high volume keywords.
  • I created 4 Campaigns, entailing 26 AdGroups, comprising a total of 41 Ads.

The Results

Cost per Click and Click Through Rates

Regular split testing significantly improved CTR across most of the 26 Ad groups. The relatively strong CTR’s were responsible for the Campaigns’ high quality score, meaning that my clients paid less for their clicks.

Cost per Click and Click Through Rate over time.
graph showing Google Adwords PPC Stats Impressions vs Clicks

Impressions and Clicks

Over time, I managed to achieve fewer impressions while maintaining relatively consistent clicks which improved click through rates and therefore reduced cost per click.

Regular monitoring and control and strategic Ad split testing enabled me to target the niche markets more specifically, thereby increasing ROI.

Impressions and Clicks over time.
graph showing Google Adwords PPC Stats Impressions vs Clicks

Key Performance Metrics

Between Jan and June 2016, over 4 Campaigns:


Average CTR


Ad Groups




Average CPC